Reading Chaucer in a Limo

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Literature is something that has been developed for hundreds of years, but there is a pretty good chance that your knowledge of literature is pretty much only restricted to modern novels that were probably written at some point in the 19th to 20th centuries. This is because of the fact that these are the books that you are taught about in school, but if you were to look at novels that were written a bit earlier the truth of the situation is that you would expose yourself to a literary tradition that basically managed to lay the foundation for the world as we know it today.

A great example of an author that you should check out during limo rental fort lauderdale is Chaucer. This is an author that wrote books like the Canterbury Tales, and the fact of the matter is that the Western canon would be nothing like what it is today had it not been for books like this. A lot of the stories in these books will seem like they are something that you might experience in the modern day as well which just goes to show that the world really has not changed as much as we think it has.

A lot of the works of Chaucer are pretty easy to read, far more so than things like Shakespeare and the like. Some top notch literary works that were developed by Chaucer even go so far as to challenge the cultural norms of the time and you can learn a lot about that time period as well if you dive deep into his books. They are even interesting from a linguistic perspective due to the language that was used.

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