GDAX and Coinbase – Know the Difference

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Coinbase provides two options when wanting to trade the cryptocurrencies, by Coinbase Pro or Coinbase. GDAX provides many advanced functions that are not available on the Coinbase as well as allows you trade for cheaper fees. To get started with the Coinbase Pro will be intimidating particularly if you’re the beginner, the ultimate Coinbase Pro can allow you trade on an exchange with a lot of confidence.  We are running through all common queries right from the signing up, purchasing or selling to know the charts as well as interface of gdax.

Check It Out

Whereas Coinbase Pro offers the lower fees and powerful trading network word of warning for beginners, there’s a lot more to know with the Coinbase Pro and it’s simple to make mistakes when compared to the Coinbase.  Thus, if you have not traded earlier we will suggest getting many trades under the belt on the Coinbase first for building up experience and confidence. To know the complete set of the differences between platforms you need to checkout Coinbase and Coinbase Pro. We aren’t the financial advisers and it must not at all be taken as the financial advice, ensure that you understand the risks before you get involved in the Cryptocurrency.

GDAX Is Coinbase Pro

The Coinbase Pro is a new name for the GDAX; rebrand was done in May 2018. Suppose you’re familiar with the GDAX you can find that transition was very simple and there has been some minor tweak to UI.

Registering with the Coinbase Pro

Suppose you are the existing Coinbase user, then good news as when you sign up for the Coinbase account you get the Coinbase Pro account.  Just head over to the Coinbase Pro as well as log on with same username & password you will use for the Coinbase.