Explanation of the Bitcoin currency

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Bitcoin is attracting interest for many different reasons. Some people want to use this currency to bet as we have explained, and others are more interested in the investment opportunity it represents. Others are simply curious and want to understand what is causing so much interest.

But many people stop at this desire to know more. Despite their interest in this subject, these people find the theme of digital currencies somewhat disconcerting. These same people are often destabilized by unknown words like “cryptocurrency” or “blockchain”, and decide that all this is too complicated for them.

bonus bitcoin

We understand this attitude perfectly. Bitcoin is not like the traditional currencies we all know, and the technologies and processes involved are much more complex. But you should know that the basic principles of Bitcoin are relatively simple. And understanding and understanding these basic principles allows you to gradually clarify the more complex aspects.

The first thing to know about Bitcoin is that it is a cryptocurrency. You will often hear about “virtual currency” or “digital currency,” but cryptocurrency is the most appropriate term.

What is a cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency  bonus bitcoin is defined as bonus bitcoin by three characteristics. First of all, it is entirely digital. There are no Bitcoin tickets or coins. A cryptocurrency is a “virtual asset” that can be electronically transferred between two parties.

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