What can you buy with Bitcoins?


We are buying for Bitcoins is easy.. What to buy for Bitcoins and where? Using this currency is not limited to online businesses. Bitcoin can also be used in physical stores that benefit from many benefits as well as the reduced costs that this cryptocurrency provides. As we will see later, accepting payments in Bitcoin in our store or company costs nothing.

Where do they accept Bitcoins


This Bitcoin Wiki page has a non-exhaustive list. The use of this currency is not limited to online businesses, but can also be used in physical stores, many of which benefit from the reduced costs Bitcoin provides. As we’ll see later, it’s free to start accepting Bitcoin in our store or company.

Accept Bitcoin in your company

By accepting Bitcoin payments in your company, you do not incur any costs, while enjoying the benefits of very low transaction rates. In addition, accepting Bitcoin payments does not mean giving up any other payment system and may be offered in addition.

Use a database or API to receive payments on your site

To do this manually, you must have advanced knowledge of server and website management. First of all, we will have to generate a database of public addresses and send them to our server. Then, during the purchase process, the customer receives one of the generated public addresses to which he must send the payment. Another solution is to use an API that communicates with the Bitcoin wallet to generate new addresses and provide them automatically. It is important not to store private addresses on the server. For more information, visit this Bitcoin Wiki page in English. If you don’t have IT knowledge, it’s best to hire someone else to implement and configure such a service.