Why is smoked sea salt very popular? Find out here

smoked sea salt

In culinary and cooking, the smoked sea salt is an aromatic salt smoked by any type of bark-free woods for two weeks. This kind of wood are the ones used for pit barbecuing which creates a smoky flavor that can range from a subtle to even a bolder and sweeter taste— smoked salt nowadays is highly used to enhance the flavors of a dish, especially meat dishes to impart a smoky taste to it even in different methods of cooking.

While there are certain smoked spices and other condiments that have the bolder and more overpowering aroma and taste, the smoked sea salt, meanwhile, provides you a delicate, mild and balanced hit of a smoky clean taste.

While some condiments can be also fun to incorporate to your dishes such as vinegar, hot sauce, lemon juice, lime, mustard, and even ketchup, however, while these are always in the spotlight, other condiments out there are packed with flavor-bringers that meet with a lot more interest to a lot of people especially in the culinary side.

smoked sea salt

But, never has been a salt that gets a lot of compliments and praise from culinary experts because of its smoky flavor. According to culinary experts, smoked sea salt is perfect for grilling meat such as poultry, pork, and even in a grilling spice rub. A lot of chefs out there use this kind of salt in grilling fish and other seafood and also a good addition to homemade barbeque sauce.

Once you already started incorporating smoked sea salt to your favorite dishes’ recipes, you will surely uncover a lot of possibilities and new flavors and tastes and even wonder what were you even doing with your life for not using it before.

A lot of culinary experts say that smoked sea salt adds a very unique and very aromatic flame-grilled touch to your favorite dishes and depending on the type of smoky flavor you want to taste and smell there are different types of it that you can easily buy in the supermarket or online.

If you are somewhat new to smoked sea salt, you should learn that it contains no artificial flavors or even food colorings to make it more flavorful and visually appealing. The smoky smell of it is already a treat to your senses, how much more if you apply it to your favorite dish? If you want to incorporate it into your favorite recipes, you should check out more about the best ways of using it.