People Are Flipping Their Pokémon Go Accounts Now

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Pokémon Go game has rise to top of the App Store charts and has prompted surge in the cottage industries. Users with the high-level accounts that feature hottest Pokemon are now selling to the players who are keen to pay premium in order to avoid grinding (walking—plenty of walking). You will find the pokemon go accounts, right from the levels in high teens to low 20s, and with the rare and powerful Pokemon on sale on Facebook, Craigslist, or elsewhere.

How to find the right one?

If you have stumbled out of the cave and on Internet: then Pokémon Go is the mobile game, which tasks their players with roaming the surroundings or capturing small creatures (said Pokémon). More Pokémon that you capture and more milestones that you achieve, more experience points that you will get; since those points mount as well as you level up, likelier you can find the rare and high-value Pokémon. And in game purchases will help you to level up fast. When the player levels up, though, selling the account will more than recoup in-game investment.

buy pokemon go accounts

The listings that come on sites such as Facebook and Craigslist are short lived, particularly when the game developers send the takedown notices for the violations of terms of service: I saw many Craigslist posts that are taken down after appearing. However, there are the marketplaces that generally cater to such type of the transaction, and controversial for benefit it bestows on the players who will afford to buy it.

Selling your accounts has been an important part of the mobile and computer gaming. Skipping grunt work in leveling up can appeal to the people who would like enjoyment of competing in highest levels but do not want to invest time. Computer games like the World of Warcraft or mobile games such as Clash of Clans also generate huge interest on secondary market. However Pokémon Go’s task from the overnight sensation to the lucrative industry was short.


Whenever you reach to level 30 you will start to find stronger and better Pokémon’s and can finally beat arch-nemesis from local gyms or get stronger unless you become strongest in the area and have strongest legendary’s or shinies! You are now well informed as well as set to hop right in Pokémon GO game action after purchasing your account! All the best!

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