What Is The Value Of A Golf Course Agronomy?

An owner of a golf course dreams of fast greens that are teeming with satisfied golfers who are marking down their best possible scores and returning to play one more round along with pristine fairways. But a perfectly good round of golf does not begin with the play. Achieving a dream golf course is known to take the experience, service commitment, and the knowledge of a team of maintenance crews such as International Golf Maintenance (IGM) and golf course agronomists working behind the scenes.

Superior golf course agronomy and related courses highly depend on the expertise of professional agronomists. At its root, agronomy is considered the science of maintaining and growing plant life most sustainably and healthily. Golf courses depend on turfgrass that is known to thrive within the environmental conditions of a particular area.

This needs the knowledge of the right turfgrass for the right soil conditions and climate and its maintenance according to the agronomic ways that are tried and proven to be effective.

Companies work with clients from all across the country in various types of climates. The team of superintendents and golf course agronomists possesses various years of combined experience and training to solve nearly any maintenance issues related to turfgrass successfully.

Various green plants, including turfgrass, require a combination of natural outputs, such as air, water, sunlight, and nutrients. By commencing with the varieties of turfgrass best suited for the environmental conditions of the golf course, a person can typically reduce the amount of pest control chemicals, fertilizers, and water needed for maintaining the greens and fairways. A maintenance plan that efficiently manages the nutrients proves out to be healthier for the turfgrass and helps reduce the expenses significantly.

Golf course superintendents and agronomists tend to look deeper than the turf’s surface by carefully monitoring the health of the soil. Through examination and testing, organizations can formulate cultivation plans for the management of thatch that can impede the movement of nutrients, air, and water into the soil. They also tend to serve up the perfect mix of fertilizers to give the turf what is required for performing the best while not overfeeding it.


With positive environmentalism and strong agronomic principles, golf course agronomy delivers beautiful venues for communities and surfaces for quality playing for golfers.

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