WOT Tier 8 Premium Tanks: The Fever of Having One

                       What we all adore about this game is that the most unimpressionable player will be thrilled with the wide range of the world’s best tanks that are monsters in the hardest fights. There is no question whether or not you should, in fact, look for a WOT account for sale, though the dilemma with the best tanks is still ongoing. All the pro-players from the World of Tanks galaxy keep having heated forum debates which premium tanks to choose when you buyWOT account.

So we decided to steer you in the right direction with this quick piece about the perks of having at least tier 8 premium tanks. It doesn’t matter what level of skills and experience you have as a player – tier 8 premium vehicles would be a dream come true for you. There are so powerful and fast tanks as KV-5, IS-6, T-34 and LOWE at WOT accounts in gamestore.live. They open up huge possibilities to speed up the training of your crew, along with allowing you to get the highest winning rate in a blink.

There are 56 models of these single-configuration tanks with outstanding features not available in their nations’ tech trees. You purchase them in the gift shop, with your in-game gold or win them as rewards for special WOT competitions (these would be seasoned tanks that are regularly in and out of shop).

In addition, when an accelerated training is turned off your premium tanks can gather up a combat experience which then can be converted to free experience with the in-game gold. In turn, it can be used to speed up or even skip the hard module/tank grinds.

A quick classification of all tier 8 premium vehicles:

Nations Class (Type)









Light Tanks

Medium Tanks

Heavy Tanks

Tank Destroyers



Excluding the special events vehicles, the credit bonus of tier 8 premium tanks is the coolest and most profitable in the game. You earn twice as much as with the regular tanks with the additional ability to exchange those new credits on another tank or some equipment. Other perks of tier 8 premium tanks offer you stronger than usual battle features like firepower, armor, survivability, crew skills, spotting, mobility, etc.

The top advantagesof the tier 8 premium tanks that you get when you buy WOT account also are:

  • Elite status that opens previously closed doors for you
  • Faster crew training
  • No need for module research
  • 50% crew experience benefit will be added to your non-premium experience
  • Accepts same nationality crew that was trained on another tier 8 tank without a proficiency fee

Now you know what to do! Find yourself a WOT account for sale at Gamestore.live with tier 8 premium tank in it and begin your journey to the top game ranks!