Listen to video instructions about self-working card tricks

Card Tricks

The latest updates of video tutorials about card tricks catch the attention of almost everyone who has decided to successfully perform their favorite card tricks. You can compare platforms specialized in card tricks based on an array of important factors and decide on how to be successful in your approach to do the best card tricks. It is the right time to do the following things.

  • Visit Card Trick Master
  • Pay attention to the card tricks as comprehensive as possible
  • Choose and listen to one of the card tricks

You will be happy and convenient to find video instructions here beyond your expectations. A qualified team behind this platform updates it on a regular basis and ensures about the overall quality and success rate of every card trick tutorial revealed in it. 

Identify and become skilled at basics 

You may do not have seen or handled the card before now. If you are keen to perform the card trick, then you can choose and do the hands off the card trick right now. You can ask anyone in your network to shuffle a deck of cards and choose any spot card that is no picture card. You do not know what card he or she has chosen. You can ask such person to place the chosen card face down on squared up pack’s top position.


The next step is to tell him for eliminating its worth in cards from the pack’s bottom and place them on pack’s top. He takes 7 cards from the deck’s bottom when he has chosen the seven of clubs and put such cards on the top that is above the card he preferred. He does it in a silent way to give no clue while moving the total number of cards. 

Be smart in card tricks as expected 

It is the right time to ask him to deal the cards from the pack’s top one at a time on the table and call out every card’s name in turn. He deals cards devoid of providing any clue in his voice before he has gone his own card until you ask him to stop. You can easily name his card.  You may think about how this card trick works. You can find video instructions here and begin your step to do the card tricks in the professional manner as expected.

If a person calls out cards, then you have to simply ignore the first one. You have to start counting in your head as he calls out the card remainder. The card will be usually identified when you count the number and he calls out the card with the same number. Do not forget to let him go further for some cards and surprise him by immediately naming his card.