An insight:   Lipo laser machines

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Everybody wants to look slim and fit. But how? It’s easier to put on but cutting down fat is not much easier. In this technology advanced era that is possible too. You don’t have to opt for a surgical procedure; instead you can find a best option to cut off the extra fat from your body without going through any pain. Yes!  Lipo suction is a great way when you are planning to cut off that extra fat from your body. Lipo laser machines from gives good results.

Strawberry Lasers

This method is most widely used nowadays, which is very effective. Let’s learn more about it . Liposuction (non surgical) gives better results than the traditional liposuction (surgical). It focuses on low laser emissions to the targeted body parts. The fat is liquefied by the energy. Whereas the body parts like neck, where there is thin fat, it is absorbed by the body which is later on naturally emitted. The fat from other parts of the body is eliminated through cannula, thin tubes inside the body.

The fat eliminated by the body, a significant fraction of which is resistant to dietary practices and exercises. Prior to the exposure to liposuction, the body can adjust itself when the temperature increases.

If the wavelength is between 900-1400 nanometer, the temperature increases, later on to drain fat the wavelength decreases between 635- 670 nanometer. Naturally the body is equipped with a lymph system that helps in removing the waste from the body.

Treatment duration

During the course of treatment the patient has to undergo several sessions. Depending upon the patient, usually it takes around 6 to 12 treatment sessions. Multiple sessions are necessary as there is a limitation as to how much of fat from the human body can be removed in one session. The patient will become ill if excess fat is removed in one session.

Overview of machines

The machinery is constructed upon the primary element of heat production mechanism and the laser generating diodes. The lipo laser machine’s quality mainly depends on diodes which produce heat, eventually which is used to remove fat from the body. We can determine brightness and how much of body can be covered by the number of diodes present which creates fluence.

Paddles are present in it, which are nothing but the pads, each laser unit consist of. Depending on the brand and model there can be 4 to 24 paddles. This  soft and comfy paddles straps the patients body.