Cherry Lemonade KRATOMade – The Future Of Kratom

cherry lemonade KRATOMade

Kratom is an extract derived from the leaves of a Southeast Asian evergreen tree known scientifically as Mitragyna species. Kratom leaves can be ingested orally, and dehydrated kratom can also be brewed or swallowed. Kratom isolate is combined with water to create a liquid product. The liquid form is frequently advertised as an effective treatment for muscle soreness, appetite suppression, cramping, and diarrhea. Kratom is also marketed as a remedy for panic attacks. You can find it in the market as flavored powder such as cherry lemonade KRATOMade.

 Kratom is widely believed to work on opioid receptors. Kratom is a stimulant in low doses, making the user feel more lively. It relieves pain and may induce euphoria at higher doses. It acts as a sedative at very high doses, making consumers quiet and possibly sleepy. Some practitioners of Asian traditional medicine believe that kratom can be used as a substitute for opium.

What does kratom taste like?

With quite a few benefits, kratom is gaining popularity as a promising substitute. But kratom is usually said to have a strong, bitter, and harsh taste. It also tastes very leafy and herbal. Some describe it as tasting like over-brewed and steeped green tea. This solid and overpowering taste might not be favorable to all people.

However, there are several methods for masking the flavor of kratom so that it is not as unpleasant to consume. One of the best ones is the cherry lemonade flavor of Kratom by Blue Diamond Herbs.

Cherry Lemonade KRATOMade by Blue Diamond Herbs

Touted as the ‘future of Kratom’ due to its easy consumption and great taste, Cherry Lemonade KRATOMade by Blue Diamond herbs is a Kratom offering that provides all the benefits associated with kratom but without the inconvenience of the firm and sometimes spicy taste. Cherry Lemonade KRATOMade is a refreshing drink that tastes exactly like your favorite Cherry Lemonade, but with the added benefits of kratom.

Preparing it is quite easy too. Packed efficiently in a stick form factor, all that is needed to be done is to pour the contents of the stick into a 500 ml bottle and mix it with ice cold water, or your favourite juice, and enjoy a refreshing drink! And for people who do not want a cold beverage, this can be mixed with hot water too!