Understanding Eye Exam Clearly

Understanding Eye Exam Clearly

When the doctor looks into your eyes, he can determine if you have an eye disease, any vision problems, or other health problems. That’s why routine eye examinations are important, even if you think your eyes are alright. It is important to undergo a full eye examination, and not just visual screening.

Understanding Eye Exam Clearly

Children should undergo regular eye examinations to make sure their eyes are developing normally and to help them avoid learning difficulties. Because of the immaturity of the eyes, many children need reading glasses with a short range to read without squinting. Adults need regular kraff eye institute tests to regularly update their glasses to prevent further loss of vision.

An eye exam is a simple exam that is often done by volunteers, a school nurse, a healthcare professional, or a car employee when you get a license. Depending on the experience of the person conducting the test, he will check the blurring and coordination of the muscles.

On the other hand, a comprehensive exam is conducted by an ophthalmologist who will examine your eyes in all aspects. As soon as you have the results of all the cases you have reviewed, he will discuss with you your treatment options and discuss them with you. Do not forget that your pediatrician and family doctor cannot undergo a full examination.

When the ophthalmologist finishes your exam, he will explain what to do. The treatment you recommend may include a prescription for glasses or contact lenses, some kind of surgery, type of medical disease, or it may take time to check your eyes again. You can also recommend vitamins that are related to eye health.


If you plan to wear contact lenses, be sure to inform your ophthalmologist before the examination. You will have to do special tests that you usually do not do for the person who will wear glasses. Since these tests take extra time, it is recommended that you also inform the administrator when you call to make an appointment.