The areas of competence of the lawyer

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The lawyer advises, defends, assists and represents his clients in all areas of law. His training and professional practice may lead him to practice more specifically in a specific legal field.Follow the specialization guide that will help you find your lawyer. Click here for divorce attorney chalmette la.

The important arbitration law

The arbitration agreement, arbitration clause, arbitration award, amicable composition, appeal, the arbitral tribunal, reasons in law or equity, exequatur, enforceable form, confidentiality, international arbitration, impartiality. Visit this site for divorce attorney chalmette la.

Banking and stock market lawdivorce attorney chalmette la

Annual information, remittance seizure, mortgage, bank account entry, borrower, consumer credit, foreclosure, revolving credit, bank advisory duty, professional credit, over-indebtedness, overdraft, credit mediation, surety, foreclosure, forfeiture of the right to interest, prevention of business difficulties.

Commercial, Business and Competition Law

Obligations of the merchant acts of commerce, goodwill, customers, commercial leases, right to lease, a company in difficulty, insolvency proceedings, judicial recovery and liquidation, unfair competition, litigation of competitive damages, distribution, consumption, electronic commerce.

The personal injury law

Assessment and repair of personal injury, compensation, insurance, civil liability, social security, disability, road accident, transport accident, assault, accident at work, exposure to asbestos, a victim of crime, technological risks.

Law of foreigners and nationality

Residence permit, family reunification, visa, the right of asylum, expulsion measure, administrative detention, obligation to leave French territory, prohibition of return. Acquisition of French nationality, application for naturalization.

Family law, people and their heritage

Marriage contract, matrimonial regime, legal separation, divorce, nullity of marriage, alimony, access of parents and grandparents.Filiation, adoption, change of name, inheritance, donation, succession.

Tax law and customs law

Tax on companies, on industrial and commercial income, VAT, taxes on salaries, local taxes. Taxation on personal income, property taxation, wealth tax, control, litigation, recovery.Import, export, transit, customs duties, anti-dumping duties, prohibitions, petroleum taxation, alcohol, tobacco, ecological and environmental taxation, precious metals.

The vital criminal Law

Sexual assault, violence, murder, mobbing, sexual harassment, threats, murder, provocation to suicide, torture and acts of barbarism, mutilation, drug trafficking, theft, receiving, breach of trust, blackmail, abuse of weakness, discrimination, defamation, public or Internet abuse, breach of professional secrecy, abuse of corporate assets, organization of insolvency, forgery and use, fraud, illegal taking of interests, money laundering, bribery, insider trading, trading in influence.

The intellectual Property Law

Protection of inventions, innovations, and creations.Trademarks, patents, designs. Copyright, literary works, music, graphics, plastics, fashion design, software. Neighboring rights, performers.Counterfeit, misuse.

Social Security and Social Protection Law

Accident at work, retirement, sickness, occupational disease, old age, family, special schemes, non-salaried non-agricultural professions, universal health coverage (CMU), contributions, fees, procedures, dependence, medical consultant, work stoppage, control.

The important labor law

Hiring, contract performance, indeterminate, fixed, part-time, acting, salary, profit-sharing, resignation, dismissal, contractual termination, notice, staff representation, agreements and collective agreements, labor inspection, conflicts, corporate reorganization.

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