Want to get more YouTube views? Here’s the trick

get views on youtube

YouTube is the second most popular online video sharing media and so is its viewership. YouTube video views reveal the number of times a particular video got watched. It is the measure of the channels’ popularity. Millions of videos are being shared and subscribed daily and these views, subscriptions are the major income-generating part of YouTube channels. Starting a YouTube channel is pretty easy, but for a good viewership and get views on youtube, we need to take care of these aspects as well,

  1. Focus on quality content

Internet is flooded with videos having the same content, but what makes million viewed videos stand out is their quality. We should be specific about the content and it should be relevant as well.

  1. Give subtitles (in English)

This is the easiest way to attract global viewers. Even the video is in the regional language, adding subtitles can attract more viewers worldwide.  Accurate, proper captions and subtitles can be synced with the video. This also helps people with hearing disabilities to properly understand and view the video

  1. Create a playlist

A well-organized playlist gives the viewers an idea about the related videos of your channel.

get views on youtube

  1. Crisp edited videos and background music

Whatever relevant and good quality content the video has, viewers will get easily distracted if the visual and sound quality of the video is not good. Blurred, noisy videos distract the viewers from the content. A good video editing tool and some tracks too can add up your viewers

  1. Well responsive comments section

Almost all successful YouTubers have a very responsive comment section. They respond to their viewers’ comments – be it positive or criticisms. This will help to build a relationship with the viewers, resulting in better promotions of our channel. As in trade ‘customers are the king’, so are viewers to our channel. More the promotions, more the views

  1. Give bonus tips

We, humans, are more inclined to bonus, discounts and free offers. People are more likely to prefer bonus packs if they get it free. So it is a good idea to keep a bonus tip at the end of the video to make it appealing to viewers. It is better to keep easy to do or practical methods as bonus tips.

  1. Post the videos when the audience is on

Go with the tide – upload videos when the audience is available online. This will send notifications to the viewers about the newly uploaded video, which results in more viewership.

Keep these points in mind to increase your channel subscriptions and viewership, when you upload a new YouTube video next time.