What are the types of canopy tent?

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Canopy is the tent that provides shelter and can be collapsed easily to port. Canopies are available in various sizes. They range from 5×5 to 10×20 feet. The size decision is based on our requirement. Pop up canopies is made up of two main parts likely posts and upper shade. It needs four posts with a top covering to mantle it. The top covering is called canopy top. The posts material is made up of either aluminum or stainless steel. And the canopy top is made of either polyester or vinyl fabric. It is open in all four sides and closed on top. When you are hosting an outdoor event or spending somewhere outside with family, then these tents are the best choice.

From events to beach side leisure time, canopies are the suitable choice. Apart from providing shade, it adds the aesthetic for the place and attracts various people eyes. There are many types in canopy. If you are searching to buy a canopy, then consider buying one based on the type you need.

best beach canopy

Frame tents – This kind of tent are made up of aluminum frame and provide structure to the fabric. It does not need center pole for the sturdy use. It has open center and it offers unobstructed view from the tent. These tents come in variety if size and design. It is mostly preferred in larger events. It requires little extra time to set up and it is ideal for longer period installation.

Pop up canopy tent – This kind of tent is suitable for short term purpose. This is suitable for event organizing and it is also the best pop up canopy. The posts are made up of aluminum and the fabric is light weight. It does not take much time to set up. This can be used  for one day or few time usage.

Pole tent – It is unlike pop up and pole tents. It resembles the structure of circus tent. The center provides the support for the side of the canopy. It has large coverage and used for short or long term basis.

Custom tent – Custom tents are similar to pop up. The only difference is the design of the top covering. The canopy top is uniquely designed with the customized style. For this you need to go to this website and get the design customized with the particular graphics. The specified design can be decided by you.